Peter Moeller

Boss Man (The Brains of the Operation)

Specialization: Hard Liquor, Belgian Beer, California Chardonnay

Fun Fact: If Pete's years of experience in the liquor industry were a person, that person would be old enough to drink.

"As a Newtown resident myself, I know what a special place this town is.  I am proud to serve it with a smile and some possible shenanigans." 

Mike Voss

Manager (The Hardest Working Man in Show Business)

Specialization:  Craft Beer, Italian Reds, American Whiskey

Fun Fact: Mike works so hard during the day that he has begun 'stocking cases' in his sleep. His children do not appreciate it when Daddy "pulls" all their stuff from their rooms and "stocks it out" in bathroom linen closet. 

(As he's walking away from me to get back to work) "I already did the picture thing, I've got stuff to do, man."

Eric Palm

Assistant Manager (The Grape Juice Guru)

Specialization: Wine, Sour Beers, Gin

Fun Fact:  Eric accidentally swallowed a LEGO when he was 8 years old.  He hasn't seen it since.  He honestly believes that it has multiplied inside him and built a mini LEGO Land inside his belly.  (It could happen)

"Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Wine is a beverage and you should probably put it in a glass or it will ruin your carpet." 

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